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Do you have a home appliance that has been going down gradually or just suddenly quit working? Don't give up on it yet! It may still have plenty of life left in it.

Call the experts for appliance repairs in Snellville, GA – Williams Brother HVAC and Appliances. We serve the greater Atlanta area with the best in HVAC and air conditioning service, and we are the company to call for all of your appliance repair as well.

You never think about them until they are broken. But what would you do without that dishwasher, freezer, refrigerator or dryer? Suffer, that's what. We make it all better again by keeping your appliances in the starting rotation.

  • Kitchen – We fix refrigerators, broken ice makers, dishwashers that won't cycle or drain and freezers that keep frosting over. For every appliance, there are lots of things that could possibly go wrong. We test it, identify it and fix it. Problem solved.


  • Laundry Rooms – dryer won't work – no heat, or the tub won't spin? Washing machine – it won't cycle, won't drain, or just sits there making a weird “buzzing” noise? We can fix it.

We provide:

  • Repair estimates


  • Appliance replacement (when necessary)


  • Parts repair


  • Appliance repair


  • Handyman appliance repair

We work with just about every major manufacturer for every appliance, and because we get wholesale prices on all parts, we can probably fix it more cost-effectively than you can yourself. We save you time, money and lots of hassle.

Whatever appliance you have that's broken, we are the company to call for all your needs. Don't throw it away. 

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